Easy Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving feels like it has snuck up on us, and with the holiday being a week away, we have several decorating tips that can make your home feel like Thanksgiving in no time.

To create a space of warmth and coziness, decorate with colors that are inspired by the season, such as soft brown, burnt orange, and cranberry.



Before your guests even walk into your home, you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. An easy way to do this is to welcome your guests by hanging a festive fall-themed wreath on your front door. This sets the tone that once they walk inside, there will be a warm, festive atmosphere awaiting them.


Near your entrance, have a thankful board either hanging on a wall or resting on an accent table, where your guests can write down something or someone that they are thankful for. By the end of the day, your thankful board will be overflowing with reasons that everyone can be thankful.


If you’re hosting a holiday dinner, it will be important to have a festive dining table. Add festive table linens to each place setting, and create fall-themed place tags for your table. You could use pretty leaves gathered from your yard, or use mini pumpkins with a name written on a tag, tied around the stem. For your centerpiece, use decorative vases that are layered with twigs, berries, pine cones, and corn kernels to create a full fall effect.


Remember, when it comes to decorating, less is more, and sometimes having too many decorations can be overwhelming. Keep décor simple, stick to several colors, and decorate with what you already have to make your home feel warm and welcome for your friends and family.

What is your best tip for decorating your home for the holidays?

The Pros & Cons of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a popular style of flooring that is made of multiple layers that are strategically placed to provide design, durability, and ease of maintenance for the home owner. Thanks to innovative manufacturing, luxury vinyl tile has the look of stone or hardwood at a fraction of the cost, making it an easy choice for busy families and households with pets.

Any type of flooring will have its pros and common misconceptions, so we’ve compiled a list to assist you in determining if luxury vinyl tile is the right flooring for your home.



3 Pros of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Ease of Maintenance & Extreme Durability

With LVT floors, cleaning away spills and scuff marks is as simple as using a damp paper towel. Luxury vinyl tile is constructed of multiple layers, and because there is a clear top layer over the design, the design is actually safe from fading, stains, and scratches. Thanks to the protective top layer, luxury vinyl tile can also withstand moisture, pets, children, and heavy foot traffic.

Installation is a Breeze

Not all luxury vinyl is installed the same way due to the brand, but regardless of whether glue or grout is used, or whether they lock together or have peel-off backing, installation will be simple and painless.

High-End Design

Thanks to the innovative manufacturing techniques that we have in place, luxury vinyl tile can bring a luxurious look to your home while also providing ample cushioning to your feet. The high-end design of luxury vinyl tile makes it possible for you to have it in your kitchen, bathroom, family room, and/or den. Since it can be used in both casual and formal settings, this flooring option looks great in any room in your home!


3 Misconceptions of Luxury Vinyl Tile

Lacks Design Depth

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the design is printed flat, thus creating the fallacy that the floor lacks texture and depth. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as manufacturing techniques are so advanced that visual depth and realistic texture is built into the design, making it look just like hardwood or stone.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is Laminate

Luxury vinyl tile is a synthetic product that is waterproof and scratch resistant, while laminate is made up of recycled hardwood, and thus, not waterproof.

The Design Will Wear Off

There’s been talk that because of foot traffic that the design will wear off, but because the design layer is protected by the wear layer, luxury vinyl tile is in fact resistant to the scratches and dings that come from walking on the floor.

What rooms in your home would you add luxury vinyl tile floors to?